Nederlands       1-9-2012
                          "Passing by" is the third book by photographer Flip Franssen.
                          It contains a selection in color of his work from the past 30 years.

                          Because of the great variety of topics that are brought together, it is a kaleidoscopic picture book.

                          Largely built with "visual rhyme", so two facing pages are visually linked.
                          It contains pictures of travel, documentary and free work, both nationally and internationally.
                          From the fall of the Berlin Wall to Radio Kootwijk.
                          People in his work are often figurants in their environment,
                          so many pictures have a subdued and silenced character.

                          A book to take your time to, to let be and continue with later on,

                          so you constantly enter another world or atmosphere .
                          The design, one image per page, makes sure that the pictures properly get their attention,
                          and that pages with visual rhyming are given an additional layer, an extra dimension.
                          Classic, timeless photography, with wich the viewer can have a personal association.
                          "Subject and surrounding consequently form a powerful pair.
                          It are pictures in which composition is perfect from corner to corner.
                          This book may not be a beautiful collection of pictures,
                          but thereby indeed became a collection of beautiful pictures"
                          -Professional Photography, november 2012-

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24,5 x 30 cm - 192 pages, 186 photo's colour, hardcover - isbn: 9789061770190 - E 32,50 excl. shipping