foto: Corb!no

With a preference for short reports, both free and in assignment,

I work in the range between autonomous and journalistic photography, and focusses on the actuality in a broader sense.
A mixture of aesthetics and social involvement, with attention to the graphic content of the image.

My work is characterized as narrative photography,  illustrative and well balanced,
in black and  white sometimes referring to the classic photography of the fifties.
Mostly I work wilth available light, also in portraiture
Sensitivity to atmosphere and  observation  were early in my life important .

The editorial work is serving to a variety of clients, including national newspapers and magazines,
p.r. -agencies en institutions in healthcare and education, such as
NRC-Handelsblad/Next, Elsevier Magazine, De Gelderlander and the Academic Medical Center Radboud.

Represented by photoagency Hollandse Hoogte since 1985.
Member of GKf en NVF

Dutch Silver Camera nominations:  2000,  foreign news singlel (oil-pollution Brittany )
                                                    2006,  documentary Netherlands single (steelworks)
                                                    2009,  art, culture and entertainment Series (ammunitionbunkers)
                                                    2010,  national dialy news single (ISAF soldiers)
                                                    2015,  nature and environment (birds-count)

1st Prize Gelderland Newsphoto 2007
1st Prize Gelderland Newsphoto 2012, category series
Bronze award FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year 2009

Books: 1984, i.c.w. woningvereniging Nijmegen: "Aan het dijkpleinstraatje" , about a small deprived neigborhood.
            1989, self published: "Het ongewone van alledag".
A selection of 50 photo's from 1981-1988, black and white.
            1991, i.c.w. the foundation for social work elderly Nijmegen,  about elderly people.

            2003, self published:  "Van alle tijden", a selection of 125 photo's from 1989-1999, black and white.
            2012, self published:  "In het Voorbijgaan/Passing by", a selection of 186 photo's from 1977, colour.
Self published booksare available for ordering.